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Samsung SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery , Replacement Tablet PC Battery SP3496A8H(1S2P) SAMSUNG

High quality spare Tablet PC Battery SP3496A8H(1S2P) for SAMSUNG Nexus 10, P8110, GT-P8110, ...

  • Brand:
  • Model:
  • Type:
    33.75Wh Li-Polymer
  • Capacity:
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    In Stock
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    Brand New, Replacement
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All Compatible Products of samsung sp3496a8h(1s2p) batteries

Replacement 9000mAh Samsung SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery

Compatible Products Part No. List:

SP3496A8H(1S2P), AA1D128JS/D-B, HA32ARB, ...

Fits Product Models List:

GT-P8110, P8110, HA32ARB,

Product Description

    SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery User Guide

  • If you are not sure if this samsung sp3496a8h(1s2p) battery can fit your Tablet PC, please left message to us at any time.
  • NOTICE: Tablet PC are precision devices, all of the Tablet PC batteries are bulit-in batteries, if you are not familiar with the internal structure or don't have DIY experience, please ask the professionals to replace the battery for you. Any damage be caused during the the replace process, buyers bear the loss.
  • NOTICE: Please take care of the baseband connection of this SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P). If this Tablet PC battery for SAMSUNG Battery SP3496A8H(1S2P) is made up of multiple pice of batteries, please simultaneously hold the whole battery to aviod damage of the baseband connection. We will do careful check and well package for the batteries before be sent out.

    Manual of sp3496a8h(1s2p) Batteries

  • First Time Using of New Lithium SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery: For initial using this sp3496a8h(1s2p) battery, please first of all discharge it to 3% and then fully charge it to 100%
  • For Normal Daily Usage of SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Tablet PC Battery: please recharge immediately when the power reduced to 3%~7%. It is prohibited to discharge the battery to 0% as that will shorten the battery life and causing damages to the battery. And if it's not convenient to charge the samsung sp3496a8h(1s2p) battery immediately as the power reduced to 3%, PLEASE ENSURE to charge it in 2 days; otherwise it will damage the battery and cannot recharged again.
  • SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Tablet PC Battery Life: Normally the Li-ion Polymer SP3496A8H(1S2P) battery life can last for 2 years, it's better to take out from the Tablet PC, and stop using it after 2 years if you using battery frequently. There may be a fire hazard or explosion for using very old battery.
  • Notice for SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Tablet PC Battery: Please charge your SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Tablet PC battery at warm place in winter, else it maybe can't hold chargering when the temperature is lower than 10°C.

    How to Choose New SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery

  • Should I Just Choose a SAMSUNG SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery be Marked with Original Tablet PC Brand Logo? For replacement Tablet batteries which markec with the original brand logo are tort, so we just mark as replacement batteries because we are third-party accessories manufacturer and our batteries can work exactly as the original batteries.
  • Are the batteries marked with Original Brand Logo are Original Batteries? Not all the batteries marked with the original Tablet barnd are really original batteries, if there is no words as "original" in the products title, it mostly is a replacement battery for samsung sp3496a8h(1s2p), if you are careful, maybe you can find the words as "replacement" in products title or description.

    Samsung SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery Details

  • Notice: We always do our best to show the real color of our products for you, but the color you view maybe also little different from the item you get because the differnt of the screen resolution or display settings. If you are very mind about this, please carefully consider about it before place an order.
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    Samsung SP3496A8H(1S2P) Battery detail 2

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