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Ryobi CB120L battery
US $ 35.43
Save US $ 23.10

Ryobi CB120L battery


Ryobi CB120L battery charger , Replacement CB120L Power Tool Battery Chargers

High quality spare CB120L for Power Tool Battery Chargers HJP002, CK212DA, HJP001K, ...

  • Brand:
    Power Tool Battery Chargers
  • Model:
  • Color:
  • Weight:
  • Status:
    In Stock
  • Input:
    AC 120V 60Hz
  • Output:
    DC 12V
  • Cord Cable:
    US/EU/AU plug
  • Products Condition:
    Brand New, Replacement
  • US $ 58.71
    SAVE: US $38.28

All Compatible Products of ryobi cb120l batteries chargers

Replacement  Ryobi CB120L battery charger
  • Ryobi cb120l battery charger
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 700g
  • Input Volt: AC 120V 60Hz
  • Output Volt: DC 12V
  • Cord Cable: Suitable for 12V Li-ion Batterie
  • Products Status: Brand New, In Stock

Compatible Products Part No. List:

140503001, 140109009, C120D, 130503001, 130503005, BPL-1220, CB120L, LSD-1202PB, CS-1201, 12v Cordless Lithium-Ion, JG001, LSD-1201PB, ... etc.

Fits Product Models List:

CD100, LSD-1202PB, HJP001, CK212DA, 12V Li-Ion Class 2, CR-1201, HP612K, BID-1201, HJP002, LSD-1201PB, CAH120LK, CKF-120LM, ... etc.
Notice: This is not the list of all the compatible batteries of Ryobi CB120L battery charger, and you can find more Power Tool Battery Chargers here.

    When You Need To Get New power tool battery chargers cb120l Batteries Or Chargers For power tool battery chargers?

  • The life of Lithium batteries is about 1.5 to 2 years, and then the standby time maybe fall down to half of one charge and the charging time also will be shorter. If the CB120L battery cant't be charged, it means that you need a new battery.
  • There is always a pilot lamp for chargers, when it work normal the lamp show orange of a AC adapter. And for a mobile or digital chargers the lamp always show red, then it will turn to green when the power is full.
  • If you use battery frequently may you need a spare CB120L battery or a spare AC adapter.

    How To Extend The Lasting Time Of cb120l power tool battery chargers Battery?

  • For new Ni-Cd batteries or Ni-MH batteries,you need 3 times of full charging and discharging for over 12 hours.
  • But for Lithium batteries, you only have to charge and discharge it when you need to do this and avoid over charging and over discharging as both of these are bad for Li-ion CB120L batteries.
  • Don't keep the Lithium Power Tool Battery Chargers batteries cb120l in high-temperature environments, no matter charging dicharging or just stay in the extreme environments, all are bad for lithium batteries, and the batteries maybe be damaged in a short time.
  • Some electronic device with li-ion batteries maybe can't be charged in the extreme environments, now you need to keey the device in normal atmospheric temperature environments.

    cb120l Battery And Charger Tips For power tool battery chargers?

  • Please don't choose a charger with lower voltage or lower power than the power of your original charger.
  • Generally speaking, high capacity batteries are alway will last long, but its weight is heavy, and of course its volume is big too.
  • Please don't charge a Lithium CB120L battery until its power exhausted, and you'd better charge it when the power lower than 10%.

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