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120W Universal Laptop AC Adapter , Replacement 120W Universal AC Adapter

High Quality 120W Unviersal AC Charger with car charge connector for Brands Notebooks/Laptops as Acer, Dell, HP/Compaq, Samsung and so on

  • Brand:
    Universal AC Adapter
  • Model:
  • Power:
  • Color:
  • Status:
    In Stock
  • Input:
    AC100-240V (worldwide use)
  • Output:
    DC 12-24V
  • Cord Cable:
    USA/UK/EU/AU Plug
  • Connector Size:
    8 tips
  • Products Condition:
    Brand New, Replacement
  • US $ 23.28
    SAVE: US $15.18

All Compatible Products of 120w universal laptop ac adapter

Replacement 120W 120W Universal Laptop AC Adapter
  • 120w universal laptop ac adapter
  • Power: 120W
  • Color: Black
  • Input Volt: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
  • Output Volt: DC 12-24V
  • Connector Size: 8 tips
  • Products Status: Brand New, In Stock

How to choose a suitable universal 120W power adapter?

  • Please don't choose a universal power adapter with lower voltage or lower power than the power of your original charger
  • You should know the specification of interface(connector) of your original charger, or your notebook model are in the list of the applicable models.
    • 120W Universal Laptop AC Adapter, 120W Unviersal Laptop AC Charger, Car Charger

      Following is the DV output detail about our universal 120W laptop charger:
    • DC 15V 8A(MAX)
    • DC 16V 7.5A(MAX)
    • DC 18V or 18.5V 6.7A(MAX)
    • DC 19V or 19.5V 6.3A(MAX)
    • DC 20V 6A(MAX)
    • DC 22V 5.6A(MAX)
    • DC24V 5A(MAX)

      Specification of 120W Universal Laptop Charger, DC Connector - 8 Tips Detail

    • This is a AC universal notebook power adapter wich DC car charger connector, and it comes with 8 different connectors to fit brands of laptop. Following is the detail about the connectors:
    • Tip 1: 4.8mm x 1.7mm. HP/Compaq 18.5V 3.5A, Compaq 18.5V2.7A&18.5V 3.8A, Delta 19V 2.64A, NEC 19V 2.64A, ASUS 19V 18.5V2.7A&2.64A
    • Tip 2: 5.5mm x 1.5mm (Acer)
    • Tip 3: 5.5mm x 2.1mm Acer 19V 3.42A, Compaq 19V 3.16A, Delta 19V 3.42A,19V 4.47A &19V 4.74A, Fujitu 19V 4.22A, HP/Compaq 18.5V 1.1A, 19V 3.16A&18.5V 4.9A, IBM 16V 3.5A, 16V 3.36A, 16V4.5A&19V 4.2A, Liteon 19V 3.95A&19V 4.74A, LS 20V 3.25A,Gateway 19V 3.16A,19V 3.68A&19V 4.74A,Toshiba 19V 4.74A
    • Tip 4: 5.5mm x 2.5mm , Gateway/Liteon 19V 3.16A, NEC 19V 3.16A,Toshiba 19V 3.42A & 19V 3.16A
    • Tip 5: 5.5mm x 3.0mm Samsung 19V 4.74A, 19V 4.22A & 16V 3.75A
    • Tip 6: 6.3mm x 3.0mm NEC 15V 4A, Toshiba 15V 3A, 15V 4A, 15V 5A, 15V 6A & 15V 8A
    • Tip 7: 6.4mm x 4.4mm Fujitu 16V 3.36A, 16V 3.75A & 19V 3.16A, Sony 16V 3.75A, 19.5V 2.15A, 19.5V 4.7A, 19.5V 5.13A, 19.5V 3A, 19.5V 4.1A, 16V 4A, 19.5V 6.15A& 19.5V 7.8A, Samsung 14V 3A
    • Tip 8: Dell PA-9 model DC 20V 4.5A

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